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12:23 AM and I am probably going to sleep because

  • Lynx went to bed
  • my art isn;t working
  • I’m trying to figure out how to fly The King of Bad Decisions down to Texas for his spring break
  • because I miss him very much
  • very very very much
  • but I can’t fly him out of his town because it’s too damn expensive
  • and idk where to fly him from
  • and I miss him
  • and I miss Lynx
  • and I miss Ember
  • and I can only stop missing them if I am asleep
  • so sleep

I’m sitting here thinking about what objects go into the rooms I’m drawing for my lovers and my friends and this barrage of memories just hit me.

  • The Sugar Substitute’s flannel shirts
  • Omth’s collection of skulls
  • The Boy from the Hills’ lighter
  • The Darling Girl’s pearl bracelet
  • Madison Rose’s mulberry Oxford shoes
  • Ember’s fire staffs
  • Lynx’s rope
  • My brother’s first guitar

this is too much I can;t hold all these thoughts all at once

Two point perspective is gonna kill me. #art #wip

Update: When you stare at a project for fifteen minutes without drawing a single line, it’s time to switch gears.

Gonna watch Her again and likely be overwhelmed with emotions because I spent four hours on Skype with The King of Bad Decisions and am full of feelings.

The Uke Face

The ukelele is out oh my god <3

Skype with the King of Bad Decisions <3


My memory card and/or computer fucked up and now I’m missing a ton of shots, NOT THRILLED. 
Fuck this, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.


silly photos, go where you belong pls

You are very very pretty!! jussayin

I am in a shirt at least one size too large and my hair is all wet so that says a lot, thank you <3