loud, short
lady with blue hair

20. Cis. She/her/hers. Currently in Minnesota. College drop-out. Camp counselor for kids with special needs. Polyamorous, body-positive, queer, BDSM submissive. Occasionally #NSFW.


About Me

My name is Sarah and I also answer to Crash. I’m 20 and I live in Minnesota.

I have an about me tag and an anon once asked me for 239 facts about myself.

I went to college for two years and then dropped out because it wasn’t good for me. I was majoring in writing, but if/when I go back to school I’m looking at Therapeutic Recreation. Currently I’m in some gap time.

I work the after school program at an elementary school right now, mostly one-on-one with a Kindergarten girl. In the summers of 2012 & 2013 I’ve been a camp counselor for kids with special needs and am returning for 2014. I like teaching things to people but I don’t like the education system.

I’m dreadlockedtattooed, and pierced. I love live music, taking photos, and writing

I’m queer and into BDSM. I’m exploring polyamory and am committed to Lynx

People are a huge influence in my life. I write about them and talk about them a lot, and you can keep track of who’s who here.

You can also ask me questions!