about me.

My name is Crash, I am twenty, and I am a cis female who uses she/her/hers pronouns, though I'm okay with they/them/theirs if you prefer. I currently live in Rhinebeck, New York, near where I grew up, for my third summer as a counselor for children & youth with special needs at Camp Ramapo. I will be returning to Minneapolis in August, but "home" is a nebulous concept for me, and I will hopefully be relocating to Texas shortly thereafter.

I write, do art, and take photographs. In fact, this lovely skull is my photo (though I take no credit for the theme code). I'm a college dropout and I spent the 2013/14 school year as a one-on-one staff with a Kindergarten girl in an afterschool program. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and prevalent borderline personality traits. I have an about me tag and someone once asked me for 239 facts about myself.

I'm openly bisexual, kinky, and polyamorous. I'm currently committed to Lynx, who is also poly, and occasionally have involvement with other people.

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