loud, short
lady with blue hair

20. Cis. She/her/hers. Currently in Minnesota. College drop-out. Camp counselor for kids with special needs. Polyamorous, body-positive, queer, BDSM submissive. Occasionally #NSFW.



CAST: People with Tumblrs who I interact with regularly

  • ABBY: Californian in Vermont. An artist to the bone. Rocky Horror Transylvanian. Socially conscious, body positive, queer kindred spirit. I think we’ve been internet-stalking each other for like three years now. She often inspires me to do things I never thought about doing.
  • ASHLEY: Also known as The Darling Girl, she is one of the Neverlanders. Northland grad! Environmentally friendly nail artist. Future grad student. Kind soul, Encouragement Penguin, and fashionista. A loving soul. My love for her took longer to grow than it should have, but God, am I glad it did. An occasional lover. Nail artist and passionate woman.  Dating Arthur. 

  • ARTHUR: Also known as The Lost Boy. Future paleontologist, smarter than I will ever be. Pokemon enthusiast, deep-thought-thinker, and master of occasional grumpiness. Someone I fell in love with under strange circumstances. Occasional lover. A man who is too smart for me by half. Dating Ashley, and another Neverlander.
  • A.S.: Poet, intellectual, aching soul. The phrase “still water runs deep” occurs to me when I think of this person. I want to be them when I grow up
  • ASHLEIGH: She’s also known as The Lioness and her Pride, Kindred spirit and brain twin. Artist, feminist, practicing chef, gamer, writer, and all-around explosion of creativity. A woman fiercely loyal to those she protects and powerfully defendant of her own honor and the respect she deserves. A queen who conquers. A far-away possibility of love, she’s one of the few people who has ever gifted me my own pseudonym, The Blue Girl
  • CACTUS: Also known as a Tiny Fluffy Dragon Puppy. Caretaker of broken souls. Funny, kind, selfless, with wonderful taste in music, books, and everything else. The biggest, most unbiased love I’ve ever encountered. The Real Unholy Trinity’s Devil. Also, my Tumblr wifey. She tags me as El Pulpo Azul, or the Blue Octopus.
  • DARBY: My “little sister,” a quiet creative soul with a talent for painting nails and defying expectations
  • EMILY: Best friend, Tumblr-less. All the asks signed with 69 are her. Fair to Midland lover, Remus Lupin brain-twin, and all around amazing, perfect human being.
  • ERIC: Video game nerd, Homestuck fan, D&D GM, and a fantastic, hilarious guy.
  • GRAHAM: the most amazing biromantic theater geek and Doctor Who enthusiast I’ve ever met. The offspring of The Doctor and the Master, and the student of Ms. Frizzle. One classy bastard.
  • JB: Reclusive Frenchman. A fellow Stephen King fanatic and creator of The Tower Junkie. Someone who always makes me smile.

  • JOSH: Soft-spoken, kind-hearted dragon aficionado and Daenerys fan-boy. Sometimes I think he lives inside Skype. Deluded fan of the season known as winter, though Cactus and I try to explain to his over-warm Floridian self why he’s wrong. Basically just awesome. 
  • LAUREN: Superwholock fangirl. Crack!fic writer and generally awesome girl. The Real Unholy Trinity’s Antichrist. Once upon a time, I tumblr-married her.

  • LB: Also known as The Understanding Boy. Grumpy old man in his twenties. Glitch artist and craftsman in Norther Wisconsin, full of beer and charisma and a laugh that can melt hearts.

  • LYNX:  Also known & tagged as The Man With The Bandanas. Current partner.  Kinky sex and emotional revelations. He won me over tying me to a fence-post at Ramapo. We’re learning to navigate life one strange moment after another. 
  • MADISON C: Occupier, hippie-druid girl. She never fails to make me smile, and she’s always there when I need a hand—except when she’s Occupying San Diego!
  • MARGAY: Also tagged as Student of the Sword. A freshman who’s nervous but open-minded. Fencing student who has eyes like the moon. Energetic and thoughtful. Former metamour (partner of my partner) and current friend.
  • NICK: Also known as Other Nick or SweetNLow. Philosopher and over-thinker. He wears his prodigious heart on his sleeve and sometimes becomes and emotional sponge..
  • SPRING: The rarely-found example of a ghetto-hippie! Seamstress, and generally awesome person. One of the most reliable I’ve ever met.

  • RAYE: Writer, roleplayer, artist, gamer. Former Ramapo co-worker. Collector of other people’s OCs and one of the best hug-givers I have ever had the pleasure to meet
  • TARA: Fellow Ramapo counselor who took over my first job. Fashionable lesbian stoner/adventurer. Fellow star-gazer and open-hearted woman. Sometimes tagged as the lipsticked adventurer.

CREW: Other people I talk or write about frequently. People who are important to me who wish to remain anonymous to a degree, or who I don’t want to reveal too much about.

  • MY BROTHER (his tumblr)
  • ZOMBIE PRINCESS is a five-year-old girl with behavioral issues I currently one-on-one with at work.
  • THE SUGAR SUBSTITUTE: A good friend and old fellow student. Ex of a friend. On/off/on again crush who I’ll never get to sleep with. Sometimes a drunken asshole who flirts with me from long-distance bars. Overall, confusion.
  • THE GIRL WHO WILL: A coworker at Ramapo and a short triad with Lynx. Always positive, always willing to learn, and always wonderful to be around.

  • THE RAVENS’ WINGS: Also known as Omth. An ex-boyfriend. Incredible intellectual and Vonnegut-esque writer. Consumer of poetry that no one else has shared interest in. A divided man with a love that, in the end, redeems. (His Tumblr)
  • R: My first lover. Broken read thread, dying flame. Guitarist in Boston. He held my heart for better but mostly worse for a year and a half. Sometimes I’m still bitter.
  • ANIAni translates from Japanese to “my older brother.” My sibling by choice. Addict and lost soul. I haven’t spoken to him in ages, but he has impacted my life a lot.
  • THE ONE WHO LIGHTS MY CIGARETTES: Winter fling that crashed in pessimism and moving too quickly. Ex-fiance of a friend. In the end, selfish and myopic.
  • THE GIRL WITH THE RAINBOW NECKLACE: A stupidly complicated and failed almost-relationship.
  • THE GIRL WITH THE LOTUS TATTOO: Part of a short emotional and physical menage a trois with Lynx in 2012. Someone who went the wrong way for herself and got lost.
  • THE FOOL: A two-night stand. A man of absolute physical beauty, incredible kindness, and a smile that can burn through you in the best way. I’m not pining for him—I only stop sometimes to appreciate his morally ambiguous existence.
  • THE SCIENTIST: Second lover. First Dominant. Selfish, pushy, and disrespectful of my boundaries, his concise explanation is “my rapist.”