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wooosterteeth asked: Hey, how are you? :)

Hey Juli =) I’m publishing this as an update for you & everyone else.

I’m doing better. My school counselor actually came and knocked on my door this morning. Someone from Tumblr apparently emailed her (or possibly just the school?) yesterday, so right away this morning I knew I had someone looking out for me in person.

I just got out of  meeting with her, and we’re working together through February to figure out what else I need to do to stay safe. <3

  1. thenephilimwalk said: I am glad to hear that you are doing better sarah.
  2. wooosterteeth said: He, yeah. That was me too. *awkward* Good, that you are better! This is really good news. I hope you stay safe and that she can help you :). Love, Juli.
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