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bloodanna answered your question: Attention Homestucks! I am recruiting for a Sburb RPG!

I’d like to know more. Sounds like it could be fun.

Okay! So.

The premise of Furcadia itself is this: a massive-multiplayer online social game/RPG. There is very little overarching storyline or plot within the main game. The vast majority of what takes place within the game occurs within user-created spaces called Dreams. These are fully customizable and code-able to the point where you can specify that players of certain usernames interact with the Dream in an entirely different way than any other players. Which makes it kind of perfect for Sburb!

(If you are familiar with Furc or begin looking into it, keep in mind that I’m going to need everyone to choose specific races and genders for their characters in order for my coding for dream planets and God Tiers to work.)

This “Sburb session,” built and played within a network of interconnected dreams (each player’s Medium, Prospit, Derse, and Skaia. Possibly paradox space if we got that far), would be built, both map-wise and plot-wise, specifically for you guys, my players. I would act as Game Master/moderator, building and changing your environment as the plot progressed. Unlike in Homestuck canon, your system of gates would actually take you through each others’ Mediums, and there would eventually be denizens to defeat, ect.

The game will be played as a mixture of an online video game, where the plot advances by your interactions with the dreams, and table-top gaming (DnD style) where you guys talk to each other and to me in order to advance the story.

That being said, the game itself won’t start for a little while, as I need to know all my players, their dream planets, and their classes and aspects in order to construct a plotline and a unique Medium for each of you.

…yeah. xD That got long.

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