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Track: Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow
Artist: Fair To Midland
Album: Arrows and Anchors


Do I have any Fair To Midland fans out there? This album is pure summer jams! Or just jams in general… I have listened to it too many times to remember.

“Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow” by Fair To Midland off the album “Arrows and Anchors.”



The Greener Grass - Fair To Midland


Track: Coppertank Island
Artist: Fair To Midland
Album: Arrows & Anchors

FAIR TO MIDLAND - Copptertank Island
I’m a whale, I’m a whale, I’m a whale 

You can still find me
Between devils and deep blue seas
In the desert’s hands
On a sheet of sand
A dry tidal wave
Over my feet of clay
On unfinished glass
Looking for greener grass
Fair to Midland - The Greener Grass (via thethingsbehindthesun) ←

Now soon enough
someone’s gonna come along—
could be your husband
could be your wife,
hell, could be your best friend.
They’re gonna come along and put a stick in your spokes
and I want you to thank ‘em,
‘cause is it so bad when you’re airbone
that the only thing going through that little head of yours
is hittin’ the ground?

But that’s not something you’re willing to do, is it?
I’m not here to shoot the breeze, I’m here to see you kick it.
So go on and keep dreaming and faking while your social security card number is who you’re going to be.
This is a rat race, and maybe it’s time you stopped.
"Heavens to Murgatroyd"/"The Greener Grass" - Fair to Midland ←

Heroes and Holy Ghosts,
which one of you steps on the other’s toes?
"Coppertank Island" - Fair to Midland ←

Someone yelled in the wake of the great collapse ‘get gone.’


Fair to Midland

Musical Chairs [official video]

Why are you all so fucking beautiful? And Darroh, with that thumbs-up at the end. And Matt and his piano, and CLIFF IS WEARING A SHIRT AND ALJSFKH

Also I think this video & Flyleaf’s one for Sorrow are secret lovers and the bands should collaborate and create their lovechild.


Hearing the official version makes me re-realize of fucking amazing they are live. The live rip I have is NEARLY as good!

Fair To Midland

"Arrows and Anchors" Behind The Scenes Episode #1"

The music the the background… alfskjhsdfjg SO MUCH EXCITEMENT I COULD CRY.