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20. Cis. She/her/hers. Currently in Minnesota. College drop-out. Camp counselor for kids with special needs. Polyamorous, body-positive, queer, BDSM submissive. Occasionally #NSFW.



005 / 010513 / whale dreams.

Track: Coppertank Island
Artist: Fair To Midland
Album: Arrows & Anchors

FAIR TO MIDLAND - Copptertank Island
I’m a whale, I’m a whale, I’m a whale 

I cannot look at any of these without thinking of Coppertank Island.

I’m a whale, I’m a well, I’m a whaaaaale :D

Track: Copper Tank Island (Live)
Artist: Fair to Midland
Album: Live in Texas (PreAAA)

Copper Tank Island (Live) - Fair to Midland

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