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  • Me: Not having a Nick is not good.
  • Nick: Not having Nick is like having gonorrhea.
  • Me: ...I totally misread that and thought you said
  • : "Not having Nick is like NOT having gonorrhea."
  • : And I was like
  • : no
  • : that is wrong
  • : it is the opposite of that
  • Nick: I don't know your thoughts on this right now, honestly. Feel good or bad?
  • Me: I... am not sure.
  • : It doesn;t really matter either way, though, does it?
  • Nick: Not really, it just always seemed prevalent, I guess. I'm glad it isn't.
  • Me: I mean. It's just... it's not like what I feel about it changes anything. So it doesn;t matter how I feel about it
  • Nick: I feel like I should like that IM.
  • : Facebook hasn't added Like for IMs
  • : This is a minor dilemma, though.


Solo Cups: Knowledge

I was curious about the lines on solo cups the other weekend and learned something amazing. This information should be taught in an intro class to all high schoolers and college students. 

It turns out that the lines of the solo cup allows you to measure out a shot, a glass of wine, and a beer. This would have been ridiculously helpful during my partying years!


#and then the hellicarrier became a nicktatorship

#and then the hellicarrier became a nicktatorship

 became a nicktatorship




105:// S’mores and bonfires.

  • Ashleigh: Remember when I first met you I said I wanted to shrink you down and keep you in a dollhouse? I still want to do that.
  • Big Nick: Remember that time I wanted to be nine inches tall and hide inside your boobs?
  • Big Nick: Our friendship has come full circle now!


089:// Stepping on each others’ toes.

Can I just move in to my next-year’s room RIGHT NOW?

Steph and I are living in an awesome building right above Eric and Nick.

So psyched!

John Green’s Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig)

So I’ve always loved this video, because it’s one of the only explanations about health care and health insurance that I’ve actually understood.

One of my other (presumably non-nerdfighter) group members for my Social Problems class, in which we happen to be doing a presentation on different aspects of the health care system found this and asked to include it in our presentation.

This makes me happy :D

Nick put a fan on my head.

I’m really not sure what to do with it! Oh well, maybe it’ll improve my posture if I balance it long enough.