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Naps amongst the #FairToMidland merch, as always. My room makes me happy.

Track: The Walls of Jericho
Artist: Fair to Midland
Album: Inter. Funda. Stifle

Another tomorrow,
Shedding th
e shade we made yesterday,

Disguised as the lightning,
Dissolving all of the thunder,
Then appeasing a monster under the acrylic skies,
Another tomorrow,

Occasionally someone digs through the Fair to Midland tag and finds tis so I figured I’d bring it back =)

Fair to Midland’s vocalist recorded some demos forever ago and now there’s a full version of You’re On A Sinking Ship and I’m crying about it. #FairToMidland #music


Hearing new music from your favorite band is a religious experience

Not being able to hear new music from your favorite band because they broke up is like purgatory.

Track: Orphan Anthem '86 Demo (Version 2)
Artist: Fair to Midland
Album: Gutterth Unofficial Uploads

Tell me your faith.

Tell me your way.
Show me your way.
Propel this town.
This town.

When surrounded by comfort, cotton floors are of no use,
We see in our forecast, what we lack in our pockets.
Tell the world we are shotguns,
Fully loaded and custom.
Tell Uncle Sam when he sees me,
We’ll deprive him his paycheck.

The demos for inter. funda. stifle have entirely different lyrics, and they are lovely, and now I have a new blog title <3

the IFS demos have the best lyrics someone help I’m actually crying

Track: The Walls of Jericho
Artist: Fair to Midland
Album: Inter. Funda. Stifle

oh hey not-so-frequent reminder that this is the song my tattoo lyrics are from

and that I have a Fair to Midland tattoo in general yeah

This is my Twitter right now and I am not fucking sorry holy shit.

Putting the Fair to Midland discography on shuffle was the best thing I’ve done all week oh my god I forget what a tremendous capacity they have to make me feel better

Not necessarily make me HAPPY but just make me feel more like myself