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Yes, Mr. Sargent. But, are you quite sure about the dress? (x)



kiyoshikirin replied to your post “I was just curious. I just came across your blog for the first time this evening,...”

Am Lynx, can confirm.

Concise and accurate, sweetie xD



"We have bad luck in libraries, Doctor."

Eleven / River

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Once upon a time labradoritetea and my roommate Steph and I did an Eleven + River Song shoot in the basement of our college library.

And sometimes I remember it and get excited so here, have some cosplay :D

River Song made a Dalek beg for mercy.

River uses hallucinogenic lipstick but is never tripping and I am having thoughts re: my perceptions of life and other people’s hallucinogenic experiences and mostly how I want to be River Song.

Not even in relation to the Whoniverse, I just want to be her.


Perfect gift for a renewed Whovian with an obsession with River Song AND a journal collection.

kiyoshikirin, you are wonderful and I love you.

Now I have to finish my current journal so I can get started on this one oh goodness.

(Sorry I’m an impatient dork aaaaaah)

So while I’ve become extremely disenchanted with Eleven and/or Moffat, my Doctor Who rewatch has reminded me how much I adore the series.

I used Sherman’s Gallifreyan desktop translators for these.

The first one just says important, which is, in general, a sentiment of the Doctor. Affirming Donna, and the people he saves, et cetera.

The second one is part of a River Song quote:

"You’ve touched so many people. You’ve saved so many lives. Did you think when your time came you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you. But the Universe doesn’t agree.

I really want one or both of them tattooed on me.

Happy River Song Day!