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I think I very much like this? :D

I can’t decide which design I like better, but I’m leaning towards the top one with the bottom one’s red text.

Beginning of my La Dispute tattoo idea. Working on adding lyrics from “Scenes from Highways 1982-2009”.

I am not a typography person so this is always the hardest part.

I have seen this at the weirdest times and I kind of want it tattooed on me.

But like Emily says, I want everything tattooed on me…

Emily: I bet if you had enough skin, you’d try.
Me: And money, money is a thing.
Emily: Yeah, but mostly the problem is skin.

So while I’ve become extremely disenchanted with Eleven and/or Moffat, my Doctor Who rewatch has reminded me how much I adore the series.

I used Sherman’s Gallifreyan desktop translators for these.

The first one just says important, which is, in general, a sentiment of the Doctor. Affirming Donna, and the people he saves, et cetera.

The second one is part of a River Song quote:

"You’ve touched so many people. You’ve saved so many lives. Did you think when your time came you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you. But the Universe doesn’t agree.

I really want one or both of them tattooed on me.


#vonnegut surprised me last night. #slaughterhousefive

Oh my god this concept is the best one I’ve seen GIVE IT TO ME

Today I got my tattoos inspired by Ramapo and all of the amazing things that have happened there.

Adventure is to remind myself to always take the chance.
The stars on strings are to remind me that dreams are in my reach.
The star in the state of NY covers both Ramapo and Saugerties, my hometown.
And h
me is a take on a Molly’s Worst Enemy lyric that sums up everything Ramapo taught me:

You’re on your own but you’re not alone
and as your family we assure you,
your heart is your home.
So at the end of the day,
when you feel lost and astray,
know you still have somewhere to go.

These pieces are dedicated to every single person who has made the past two summers what they were. Here’s to coming back and doing it all over again.

(Photo by Madi!)