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Occasionally #NSFW.



Tumblr Savior + Blacklists

Things I tag for other peoples’ blacklists. Please feel free to request a tag and I will gladly add it!

  • NSFW
  • BDSM
  • Crash’s Adventures in Mental Illness
  • chit chat and conversation (for replies and conversations)
  • TMI for Josh (which is usually discussion of sex/sexuality with no NSFW images involved)
  • food
  • ed / eating disorder
  • suicide / suicidal thoughts
  • anxiety / depression
  • rape / sexual assault
  • abuse / injury
  • body horror / gore
  • incest (for some of my ships)
  • racism / homophobia / transphobia / misogyny / slurs
  • drugs / alcohol
  • gif / epilepsy warning (on flashing, spinning, or quick-changing gifs)

Things on my blacklist:

  • self harm / self injury
  • blood
  • Supernatural / SPN
  • Teen Wolf
  • menstruation
  • vomit / emetophobia

I track & whitelist “waitforhightide” so if my URL is in the post, I’ll see it.

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Fandoms + Spoilers

I tag all shows with their title, minus Game of Thrones which is combined with the books in #ASOIAF. I am not spoiler-free, but I try to tag liveblogs and/or important twists and plot points with #spoilers. I also do my best to tag all character names.

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Other Tags

Queue Tags

  • How many people hate me for not tagging my queue?
  • q
  • so much to see so much to queue so much to see so much to queue
  • the oddest shade of queue