Tags & Such
I tag triggers as often as possible with #_____ tw and anything NSFW is tagged as such. Please never feel bad about asking for tags for anything!

Things on my blacklist:
  • self harm / self injury
  • blood
  • Supernatural / SPN / related tags
  • Teen Wolf / related tags
  • menstruation
  • pregnancy
  • vomit / emetophobia
  • trypophobia
  • scott pilgrim
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • dragon age & related tags
I track & whitelist “waitforhightide” so if my URL is in the post, I’ll see it.

I tag all shows with their title, minus Game of Thrones which is combined with the books in #ASOIAF. I am not spoiler-free, but I try to tag liveblogs and/or important twists and plot points with #spoilers. I also do my best to tag all character names.

Queue Tags

  • q
  • how many people hate me for not tagging my queue?
  • so much to see so much to queue so much to see so much to queue
  • the oddest shade of queue
  • one verse two verse red verse queue verse
  • queue can't ride in my little red wagon
  • when you're real queue don't mind being hurt
  • you talk like queue haven't given up yet